Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Replica Watch

A replica watch is a nice way to say that a watch is fake. After all, it is not the original. Some companies have made a business out of making counterfeits and selling them to people. This is not entirely legal. While designer watch companies have copyright for their technology, they often do not have the same for the look and design. This can, therefore, be copied. If a watch looks like a designer watch but bears the label and tag of another brand that is not as famous, then that is known as a homage watch and is not a replica. However, if a manufacturer copies the look and tries to pass it off as the original brand, then that is a replica.

Some of the reasons why you should not buy replica watches include:

No Value

When you buy a designer watch, you get value for your money. You can be able to resell the watch. It is worth something. However, buying a replica is like wasting money. You will not be able to resell the watch or get your money back.


In some countries, if you are spotted with replicas and fake merchandise, it can be confiscated by customs. This can also come with a host of legal issues. You could face fines or even jail time, depending on the laws that govern counterfeits in the country.

No Insurance

Unlike original watches, when you buy a replica, you cannot get a warranty or a money back guarantee. The product is not original and therefore bears a high risk of malfunctioning. You, therefore, put your money on the line knowing that if things go wrong, you will have lost the money and gained nothing in return.


Replica watches are unreliable. Their movement is not guaranteed. If you compare brands such as the Rolex, Seiko or even Casio, you notice that their movement and technology is tried and tested. Quality assurance is followed strictly so that each watch functions optimally. Replicas do not provide you with the same options. Buying the watch is a risk. You do not know how easily it breaks, what movement it uses or if/ how long it will take before the watch starts losing minutes. Having a reliable watch is even more important if you’re a healthcare provider. For those reviewing ACLS pretest answers having a reliable watch is a must.

Affect Your Reputation

Fake watches are for fake people. Once people discover that you are spotting a replica, they lose trust in you. They cannot believe anything you say. You might also be as fake as the watch. It also discredits any other brand that you might have that is actually original. Suddenly, the integrity of every brand you wear comes into question.


The saddest thing about replica watches is that they do not impress anybody. If you have the original, that is impressive. However, wearing a replica only seems desperate.

You should avoid spending your hard-earned money on replica watches. Instead, take time and save up for that time piece that you actually want. It will be painful in the short term but will give you great joy and satisfaction in the long run.